Thursday, September 2, 2010

The importance of Carbs...

I've struggled over the last few weeks about feeling full in the mornings.  That has been my hardest meal to get right.   But last Friday I was talking to a friend, who I consider a healthy eater about my breakfast dilema, and she informed me that fat, carbs, & fiber help you feel full.  So she recommended I add some protein, such has ham or turkey to my eggs in the morning, or to add a piece of toast. 

So Monday I bought Thomas' Multi-Grain English Muffins and started eating them with my eggs on Wednesday.  Low and behold, it has helped me feel full!  I am no longer rummaging through my drawers at work looking for snacks to get me through until lunch!  The English Muffin only has 100 calories,  25g of Carbs, and has 8g of fiber!  Overall  not a bad addition to my breakfst routine! 

Then I found this very informative article, about the Dietary importance of Carbs:
     My take-aways from the article: 
  1. Carbs are sugar, the primary form of sugar used in the body is glucose
  2. The minimum amount of carbs required to prevent starvation is 100 to 150 grams per day! 
  3. Muscle is preserved by providing 180 to 200 grams of carbs per day!
  4. Too much sugar and you get fat, not enough sugar and you will loose muscle. (in my opinion, losing muscle makes you look that is also unattractive)
That's all I have for this morning, just wanted to share!



Linga said...

I can't stand the no carbs mantra of late. I heard someone say she needed to cut out fats and oils from her diets, I mean ZERO. I wanted to yell and ask if she was crazy! Our bodies need carbs, fats & oils the good stuff we go mess it up by consuming the wrong carbs, fats & oils then try and make up for it by cutting out the good stuff.

It’s a vicious cycle and it annoys me.

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