Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Strange Day of Sorts..

Alrighty to get myself back into working out after a 2 day rest.  Got up early and hit the gym  Only did about 20 minutes of all weight training, but it help kick the mind, body, and metabolism on start for the day.

AM Workout.
     Back Extensions:  3 sets of 12
     Side Extensions:  3 sets of 12
     Leg Press:  3 sets of 12, 180lbs + bar
     Arm Curls:  15lb 2 sets of 30

    2 cups of honey nut Cherrios
    Non Fat Milk (I didn't measure my milk) Oops.

     Black Bean Salad
     Tuna Sandwich (homemade, which I forgot to measure my ingredients)

     5 wing combo from Rally's!  (This was today's comfort food...Stressed & frustrated again today)

Evening workout
     Well after work I walked in Century City for about 20 minutes, only about a mile.  But at least I got some cardio in.

Mind you today was supposed to be day one of my liquid fast.  You can see how well that went!  Oh well..I try again tomorrow! 

Night Night.  Don't let the bed bugs bite.


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