Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Stressed and aggravated!

Today start off badly!  Woke up late which is now a very bad happy of mine.  There was an accident on the 405 near Hawthorne Blvd, which had the freeway just completely jacked up!  Then to top it all off September 1 (today) I had to make new parking arrangements so I had no idea where to park today.  So I had an hour and a half of pre-work annoyances.  And the annoyances continued throughout the day!  Had discretionary requests, a have a few accounts that taxes are on extension so the taxes are due Sept 15th, and I currently missing one of the k-1s needed to complete the return.  It was sent to me lsat week, I just dont know where the heck it is, I lost it! 

Then I am havng some drama with AT&T all of a sudden my phone is not working.  I call AT&T, and they ever so uncaringly said oh we made a mistake with the bill, we corrected it and you owe us $124.16, mind you they never sent a bill or informed me of this error.  They don't apologize for the error nor do they turn my phone back on! 

Next I had gotten a letter from the 401(k) plan at work, saying that my loan is delinquent and payment have not been received.  So I called them this morning too, and the lady was like oh I am sorry Ma'am there is a glitch in the system, but I will take care of this for you and get back to you with the resolution.  

I go out to lunch and I spill my lemonade all over hte bench that I am sitting on!  So all in all I had a semi-emotional eating day!

     4 scrambled eggs w/ 1/2 cup of Spinach
     Multi Grain English Muffin
     1 peach

     1cup Non Fat Greek Yogurt
     1 peach

Lunch (unplanned & not good, this is what being stressed does to me)
     Pepperoni Pretzel from Wetzel's Pretzel

Afternoon Snack
     Muscle Milk Banana Protein Shake

     Chili Cheese Fries from Rally's
     5 pc wings (can't find the nutrition info on)
     20 oz sprite
So the journal says 1541 not including hte its very likely this was another 2000 calorie day!

And to top it all off...not excercise today!  :0(  I went and did laundry instead!
That is all for now.  My eyeballs are already feeling heavy so I will give htem some rest.



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