Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sunday Recap & Review

Had a few splurges today that were not on plan...but hey what can I do.  This is a work in progress, I will do better in the future
     3 scrambled eggs with Spinach
     2 slices of wheat toast

     Garden Salad w/ Italian Dressing

     20 oz bottle of Coke
     3 ounce bag of Cheetos Puffs (FYI this 3 ounce bag is loaded w/ calories!  NO MO' CHEETOS)

    4 oz chicken
     1 cup Brussel Sprouts
    3/4 cup brown rice
Calories for the day 1642

   1hr 20 min neighborhood walk.  From my apartment (carson/Paramount to Paramount/South) 4 miles
I love living in Lakewood, I really do.  I drive up and Paramount on an almost daily basis.  Today was I walked up to South Street, I never realized how ghetto Paramount is between Hardwick & South.  There was a brief moment, I became a little concerned for my safety!  May have to find an alternate route.  I think I may have to continue to venture on Cherry or maybe even hit Lakewood Blvd. 

Night Night. 
P.S. Tomorrow is a weigh in Monday. In all honesty, I am scared to get on the scale!  Pray for me!



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