Tuesday, August 24, 2010

An Evening of Misery....

The evening of August 23rd....really a night of self-inflicted Misery!

Overall Monday...not a good eating day.  I didn't pack up my food to take to work.  So I ate whatever left overs I had in the office.  So here is what I ate while at work:
    Breakfast:  White Chocolate Latte & PepperJack Cheese Croissant (a waste of calories)
    Mid Am snack:  Low Fat Cottage Cheese w/ Pineapples
    Lunch:  Greek Yogurt with Strawberries
    Late afternoon snack:  Cheetos

It is possible you are thinking, this is not so so so so bad, what is the problem?  Well Monday night was my last schedule birthday outing with my friend from the Arthritis Foundation.  We had Dinner & a Movie planned. I get downtown at about 5pm and off we head to L.A. Live where we ate dinner @ Rock N Fish.  We ordered the chicken fingers as an appetizers and this is when it went all downhill.  Here comes our watiress with her little waitress tray with Sourdough bread.  We thought to ourselves, oh we didn't know they gave bread here, and dove into the bread since it was fresh!  The steam was coming out of it and it was just oh so scrumptous!  Before we could even finish the slice of bread we had, on comes the appetizers and salads that came with our meal. 

Okay...these were the biggest fricken side salads I have ever seen in my life!  I kid you not...I ate about 3 chicken fingers and only half the salad I was full.  Did I stop there?  Um...of course not.  Here comes the entrees..My ribs with french fries, and spicy Mac N Cheese (as you can see not a good food choice).  So of course, curiousity got hte best of me, I wanted to taste the Spicy Mac N Cheese.  I was fascinated by it, the moment I saw it on the menu.  So of course gluttonous me...ate some of the spicy mac n cheese and let me tell ya...it was absolutely wonderful!!!!!!  I ate maybe 1/4 of the Mac N Cheese and I said..I am stuffed, I am uncomfortable, I want to lie down.  The waitress came by and asked us if we needed anything and we said..."To Go Boxes" 

I am pathetic....the to go boxes arrive and self says, "you know, these fries are not going to taste good tomorrow, you should just eat them now"  And stupid me listened to self and ate all the darn french fries!  After that I literally wanted to throw up and just lay down and let my food digest.  But we had a movie to go catch.  We walked over to the movie theatre paid for our tickets and walked through the doors and I could smell the popcorn.  The smell of the popcorn made me so sick, I said to Mireya, I can't stand the smell of anymore food right now, I want to throw up.  We were about 30 minutes early for the movie.  We get in the theater I laid down across 3-4 of the seats!  I was jacked up!  Even when the movie started I could not sit still or get comfortable in the chair.  I was completely miserable. 



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