Sunday, August 15, 2010

Weekend Update

What it do?  LOL!  I have always wanted to say that!
Well my weekend journalling didn't happen.  I got home Friday and could not get on the internet.  I was whatever I will deal with tomorrow but of course never did.  I tried the internet again today and it still doesn't work so I put in a call at Time warner.  The tech support man has no idea what is wrong, he says its either the modem or the lines.  I bet its the lines....I downgraded my service so I bet the did something stupid which causes my modem not to work, but I digress!

Friday, Saturday and Sunday....horrible eating days!  I was on the run all weekend and I did not pack up my food.  So I made some really bad food choices while I was out.  Sunday I redeemed myself and ate better and got my tail in the gym to work out.  So weekends are any area that will need vast improvement!

I got my hurrr did today...I went old school and did a wet set.  I am typing right now with rollers in my hair.  I should take a picture!  It's rather comical!

I got insulted on of my beloved neighbors told me I needed to get my butt in the gym an lose weight!  Can you believe it?  Not to worry friends, Shenequeh did manifest and start rolling her eyes and neck at him.  She just let it be. 

Now today the insult was covered with a wonderful compliment.  As I was buyiing my rollers at the beauty supply shop, I happened to tell the cashier guy that my birthday was next Sunday, and he goes what is it, your 23rd birthday?  I said no it will be my 32nd birthday, and he goes really wow, i was way off!  LOL...Do I look 23?   People say I look young...but dang do I look 23 young?

Bad food choices of the weekend:
Jack in the box Ultimate Cheeseburger
Rallys Double cheeseburger
French fries
Dr. Pepper

Good Food choices of the weekend:
chicken Sandwich
Baked chicken

Goal for next week:  Stay on target with my eating and excercising so I can have a "free" day on my birthday!  Work out 6 days a week, and keep calories under 1200 between Monday-Saturday!

Niblets for thought: 
  1. We say that there is nothing to hard for God.  But have you asked yourself is there something too hard to believe God for?
  2. Obedience is easy...all it will cost you is your self-will.  So look inward...are you really ready to let go.
That's all folks! 

Kyra aka Big Perm! 
Fit for Purpose


Linga said...

Oh birthday is just around the corner!! Get 'em shawty. lol

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