Saturday, August 21, 2010

Nightly Post...

Hi Just a quick post, to keep myself accountable.  Even through birthday weekend...

     Ate breakfast @ the Heritage.  The give big portions, which on any other occasion I would eat all of, but today I only ate 1/2.  I had a Spinach, mushroom & Sausage omelette, wheat toast, & hashbrowns and a glass of Apple Juice.

*I also got propositioned by an old man to come back next saturday and he would treat me to breakfast!  People bring me much amusement.

I didn't eat lunch since I knew I had dinner plans.  But in all honesty I was not hungry.  I was 4 hours at the beach, so eating didn't even come to mind!

     Red Lobster!!!!! We shared the lobster nachos for an appetizer.  I ate a roll (of course), had the side salad w/ italian dressing.  Dinner I had the bake Fillet of Sole with Wild Rice.  And I had the embarassing birthday singing with apple crumble & ice cream, but we shared that also! 

After dinner went to the movies.  Saw The Expendables!  It was a great movie.  I swiped my Regal Club card...I got a free small popcorn!  So I had popcorn! 

That was it.  I had a wonderful day though.  Hate it had to end...but I know there is much more to come tomorrow! 

G-Nite Peeps!

Fit for Purpose!


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