Friday, August 27, 2010

Fitness Challenge - 1

Alrighty...believe it or not tomorrow is one month since I dedicated myself to this journey.  So I think It is time to challenge myself on a physical level. 

Tomorrow morning I am going to walk from my house down to Ocean Blvd in Long Beach.  Using Gmaps pedometer the route is a litte over 5 miles.  I have no intention of walking back home...I will get on the bus!  :0)  LOL!  Since I have been walking..the most I have done is 3 miles.  So adding an extra 2 miles will be a challenge.  And if you know where I live, it will have some uphill & downhill to the walk.  I am not concerned with how long it just want to get it done! 
Walking Route Home to Ocean Blvd via Cherry Blvd

So wish me luch I plan to hit the trails no later than 6am! 

What do you think?  For second month Fitness challenge..I will walk to Ocean and walk all the way back home.



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