Tuesday, August 17, 2010

No snazzy title

I have no snazzy title for Mondays diet day.
I am still partially on my weekend bad habit eatting.  I made some bad food choices...yet again, even though I had my packed food.


Mid Morning Snack

I had a bad case of the munchies after my mid morning snack.  I started eatting my salad for lunch.  I nibbled on lettuce, carrots, & red cabbage for hours. 

Then about 3pm...I made a cup of hot chocolate at work.

Boiled Chicken w/ broccoli & brussel sprouts!
*Cooking tidbit..i stopped baking my chicken and started boiling.  It's one way i find I can get alot of hte grease and fat out of the chicken before I eat it.  And secondly by boiling, no seasoning needed...so less calories and salt!  Seasoning...another hidden trap of calories and large amounts of sodium.  Everyone must find some no salt seasonings!

I drank absolutely no water on Monday!  And I am feeling it now..I am all dry! 
No formal excercise today, but does moving furniture count?  I think it does...we'll say it was strenght training!  Ha ha!



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