Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Like Seriously...What is wrong with me!

Man...these weekday eats would go so much easier if I stop going balls out on the weekends!
I am still struggling to get back on my eating routine.  I have gone 5 days without excercise and my eating is just way way out of control

I'm not going to break down today's eats by meals, I'm just listing what I put in my pie hole

4 hard boiled Eggs
Apple oatmeal
Salad w/ chicken
1 avocado
Italian Dressing
Snickers bar
5 piece chicken wing combo from Rally's with french fries & a Sprite! 
Total Calories:  1297 not including my Rally's meal! 
Online Food Journal

This is just ridiculous!  Why do I do these things? 

I got on the scale today.  I gained 2 pounds since August 9th.  Overall weight loss to date is 14 pounds!!!  So its really time to keep things going, especially with the way I have been eating.  I am gonna go to bed early tonight so I can get my tail to the gym in the morning.  I am debating if tomorrow should be a liquid only day.  I need to shut this eating DOWN with the Quickness!  Before I know it Friday will be here and I will be eating more junk again!



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