Thursday, August 12, 2010

Weight Loss: The Battle of the Mind!

LOL...I am not trying to steal phrases from Joyce Meyer, but today truly was a battle of my mind.  Weight Loss for me is just as mental as it is physical excercise and proper eating.  Why?  Let me tell you about me.  I am the one that loves to eat, I am the one that any craving she had she fullfilled.  So when I want something to eat I ate, whether hungry or not.  When I try to stop eating certain things to diet, my mind/body talks me.  Yes your body talks to you...that's what cravings are, it's your body saying I want xxx.  Fill in xxx as it pertains to you! 

So after yesterdays exhausting and trying day...I overslept!  Here I am on the freeway on my way to work, tired, sleeping, and yawning.  My body says "you need coffee"  and " you should get a croissant" then he right voice in me says, no no no.  Just eat the salad you already prepared for your breakfast.  I kid you not..I was having this conversation in my head the whole hour drive to work this morning.  I get to the office...and where do you think I ended up?  Coffee Bean ordering a White Chocolate Latte & a pepperjack cheese croissant.    A complete waste of calories!  I regreted eating it...I really did.  I fell for the oldest trick in the book.  But what could do?  I shook that off and said okay we'll be sticking to the food plan for the rest of the day. 

Food Log
Breakfast:  Coffee Bean need to discuss again!
Mid AM snack: 1/2 banana
Lunch:  Protein Shake w/ 1/2 banana
Dinner:  Salad with tuna
Surprisingly I came in a little over 1400 calories.  I could have done so much better ... but breakfast was over 500 calories!  Absolutely craziness!

The battle did not end there.  Throughout the day I had visions of Cheetos & Doritos dangling in my head!  I was not hungry, but I guess my body wanted snacks.  This is when drinking water helps me.  On the drive home tonight, I had visions of Wingstong & El Pollo Loco.  But I resisted, the fall I had this morning was enough for me to stay on track for the rest of the day.

The other battle of my mind today was about excercise.  Since I overslept this morning, I did not make it to the gym this morning.  I was talking to a friend and we had plans to go workout after work.  We talked this morning and I told her how tired I was, and how sore I was.  And by the end of hte conversation, I said I think I will make today a rest day, I think my body needs a rest!  Later on in the day...reality sets in... Rest day?  Rest day?  Are you serious, a rest day?  That is a big negative, I am working out today.  And that I did.  I went back to Kenneth Hahn Park and walked.  Spent another 45 - 50 minutes out there. 

My take-away for the day:  God is faithful, He will not allow my temptations to be more than I can stand.  When I am tempted He will show me a way out, so that I can endure. 

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