Thursday, August 19, 2010

If you bring it...I will eat it.

Today I woke up a little bit earlier than usual.  I packed up my food for the day, got my work clothes, and dressed for the gym.  5:10am I get to the gym and it's all dark and there are signs on the door that says closed!!!  Imagine my surprise.  How does a gym named 24-hr Fitness be closed?  I guess the night shift employee decided not to come to work.   Well after putting forth all this effort to get a workout in this morning I drove near my work and just walked in the neighborhoods in Century City.  It was a very relaxing walk. Today was my Friday at work so I was super excited all day, I couldn't wait to get off of work.

Today, for some odd reason.  Everyone wanted to feed me.  After I ate my salad for lunch, the receptionist kept insisting that I finish off her chili.  I told her I already ate lunch, and I was full.  She kept nagging and thing I know there is a bowl of chili on my desk!   I left the office, sat outside for a while, came back to my desk and there is a chicken salad sandwich sitting on my desk with a cookie!  The Food fairy must have left it!  There was a meeting this afternoon in the office and there was alot of leftovers.  I got asked so many times to take food home.  I said I will take the left over salad.  So I need help, how do you turn down food that people give, that I don't/can't eat?  People seem to get so offended when you say you don't there food.  But what should I do? 

     Muscle Milk Protein Shake

Breakfast (7:00am) 
     4 scrambled eggs with 1 cup of spinach
     Greek Yogurt with honey
     ** I now know not to try to eat 4 eggs again..that was alot of scrambled eggs to try to get down! 

     Salad (1/2 lettuce, 1/2 spinach)
     Italian Dressing
     Chili ....

No Dinner:  eating was truly the last thing on my mind! 

Random eatings of the day for no apparent reason:
     Kit Kat Bar
     1/2 Chicken Salad Sandwich
     Chocolate Chip Cookie

Today I have no clue what to list for my total calories, but based on the calculation I am at 1070 calories w/o the homemade chili, the chicken salad sandwich & cookie.  Today...not a good food day!
Food Journal
AM Workout:  neighborhood walk 30 minutes.  1.7426 miles
AM Walking Route - Century City

PM Workout:  kept it low intensity! :)  
100 crunches on the balance ball
Leslie Sansone 3 Mile Walk DVD

I need to kick things up a notch...Monday is weigh in day! 

Fit for Purpose!


Linga said...

Lie and say your sick! Yes, lie. Better to tell a lie then gain a calorie. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Seriously though, you should say you "can't" eat it. You shouldn't be too concerned w/ hurting peoples feelings, b/c they obviously aren't too concerned w/ your health. *eyeroll*

Kyra said...

LOL! I will remember that next time!

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