Friday, August 27, 2010

No mo' Lemon Pepper Wings!

Today I have been really excited about my weight loss journey.  I took some time today to work more on the photo journal.  I have a few friends going through pictures to see if they have any of me.  As I was putting together the photo journal I pulled some old pictures of my marathon/race days, aka my glory days!  I really enjoyed doing those 5ks, 10ks and 1/2 marathons.  I had fun doing them.  Then I asked myself...what happened to that girl?  I had such drive, motivation, and ambition then.  I think the fire is being re-ignited in me!  But today my excitement comes with a hopefulness.  There is hope for me yet! 

Today's eats start off okay, but ended bad!  Went over 2,000 calories today!  Yikes!

     4 hard boiled eggs

AM Snack
     White Chocolate Latte (I went with Kelly at work, it is her last day, we hung out)

     3 Fish Tacos

     I had a taste for lemon pepper wings from Wingstop!  So off I went to wingstop!
     I ate 20 frickin' wings! 
And of course after I eat them, I go to look up the nutritional info.  10 wings have 480 calories!  So that is it for me.  I love my lemon pepper wings, but never again!  Also isn't it amazing how my little mind works?  I didn't think to go look up the nutritional info before I went to wingstop. My little mind didn't conjure up that thought until after I consumed each and every one of those durn wings!  Again I say...Battle of the Mind! 

No workout today.  I am honestly sore from yesterday.  My calves, and hamstrings are tight, tight, tight.
15 minutes of stretching.  I need to be ready for tomorrow's walk.  After that wingstop episode maybe I should walk all the way back home...but it ain't gonna happen.

Still a work in progress but you can you check out the collection of pictures so far:
Night Night.



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