Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Boxing Beatdown....

Well I am going to blog this day, how it went.  Since I was not able to get into a boxing class on Tuesday night.  I opted for the 6:30am class today!   So I got up packed my work clothes, dress for class and off I went. 

Pre-Boxing eating
     4 Strawberries

AM workout
     1 hour Boxing (My commentary is at the bottom)

After Boxing eats/First eats in the office
     1/2 grapefruit

So today I am experiencing a hunger pain that I have not felt in a while.  Wow.  The guy that sits next to me in the office went and got a Roast beef sandwich.  It smelled oh so tempting and delish!  I was so ready to run downstairs to get one.  I love the Roast beef they make down stairs.  So after this great tempation, Off I went to the Kitchen to make lunch.  I'm guessing the Spin & boxing really burned some calories that I was feeling so hungry today.
     A huge huge salad w/ chicken and I even crumble 1 Melba Toast in it, to get that crouton effect!

PM Workout
     30 minutes Cardio/strength traning with Trainer

     My tomato & Cucumber Concotion

     Holy Bat Crap Batman!  Boxing is hard as heck!  I got beat down by Boxing.  What was I thinking by signing up for that.  It was absolutely tiring!  Not only did we box, we had to do, sit ups, push ups, lunges, squats, weight lifting and boxing!  It was definately a challenge and a good work.  Barely made it through the class and almost died!  I was about to head for the light a couple of times.    But I am oh so Glad it is over!  Now my review of L.A. Boxing...they need air conditioning.  There was about 20 people in class and no A/C!  It ridiculously hot!  Otherwise the staff was very friendly.  THe instructor Mike...nice guy & he's a cutie!  :0)  He kept telling me to hit the bag like I was angry.  Which is hard to do, cause I am not angry.  He is already trying to get me to sign up for classes!  Which I think I want to do but I need more practice.

So that is it.  Tata!


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