Sunday, July 10, 2011

Serene Sundays...

I like to keep my Sunday's on the cool relax tip.  Try not to do to much and just prepare myself for the week.  So not too much out of the ordinary stuff today.   I started my morning early with a nice walk in the neighborhood.  The downside or upside, depending on how you want to look at it, about living near Ladera Heights is all the darn hills!  Seems like every street I turn on had an incline!  But I guess I should be grateful, it helps burn more calories.  Towards the end of my walk I was approached by this white guy, he was a foreigner, I am guessing Russian on a bicycle.  He comes and asks me, Do you walk here all the time.  And I said no, just every once in a while.  Then he says well you look great!  It took everything in me, to not laugh!  So here we go:


     My cucumber/Tomato concoction (it was even more delish than yesterday)
     1 hour neighborhood Walk
     1 hour Walk Dockweiler Beach

Finished off the night prepping my lunches and dinner for the week.  Ironed and resting, chilling out in front of the TV watching the Criminal Minds Marathon!  Caught a few episodes I didn't see.  Thats all folks!  Tata!



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