Friday, July 29, 2011

Pushing myself through my PMS blues....(recap Thurs 28th)

Oh My goodness!  Woke up with mega cramps of the I got to work they progressed into an intense pain I have not felt in a while.  So I spent most of the morning cursing and thinking obsecenities!  Once I got to work I rememember my beloved co-worker Bill, has some super high dosage ibuprofen!  So off to his desk I went.  I got 2 pills of 600mgs (so total of 1200mg) of IB and took 'em.  Do you know those bad boys did nothing but made me sleepy?  At 12-noon I was still in much pain, and ended up going in the car to catch a power nap.  I overslept during my power nap...OOPS!  But that nap did wonders..I officially now feel better.  I am also grateful to Sharon who keep a heating pad in the office.  I also had that on my stomach and back all morning.  I was having killer back pain as well. 

     Cup of Berry Detox Tea
     Omellete (eggs, spinach, mushroom) I intentionally did no cheese

Mid AM Snack
     2 crackers
     smidgen of cheese

    Salad (lettuce, cabbage, carrots, tomato, cucumbers, egg) lemon juice for dressing

Finally 3pm came and it was time to go home.  I feel so week and still a little pain in my back.  But got home and just laid down.  Thursday is usually my day to go to spin class, but I could not imagine going to spin the way I was feeling.  I also learned from past experience sitting on those tiny little seats while on my period makes things even that much more uncomfortable, and then my pad gets wedged into places that I don't think its meant to.  So the point of this story is, I didn't go to spin. 

     Chicken Breast & 1 Wing
     2 tortillas


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