Saturday, July 9, 2011

Had Some Crazy Fun!

Well gang...I made it through my StreetRider Experience and my re-introduction to Rowing.  So lets starting with rowing.  I have a picture & a little amatuer Iphone video.  But boy..that bike was hard to get started.  It required both arm and foot movement to get it going.  It took me a while to get the thing to move.  Then once I started moving I was always veering to the left.  Its funny to see how as humans are brains are programmed.  In my mind, I was thinking use the handles to steer, but the handles are not for steering.  To turn on the bike you need to shift your body weight!  So it took me a little while to register with my slow brain!  When I got moving, I played around with the shifting of body weight to turn and by George...I got it!  Finally!  I will say that it was tiring and hard, but it is very cool once you get going!  You can even coast on it.  I have 4 more rentals at StreetStriderla so I will definately be doing it again!  I have an amateur video from my Iphone.  Enjoy! 

Rowing...I am not sure if I was blogging back when I was rowing down in Long Beach.  But now that I am up in L.A. I found a place to do indoor rowing.  IrowFitness on La Ceinaga.  They offered and intro class on Saturday so I had to check it out.  I forget the instructors name, but he was very good at teach us the technique so we dont injure ourselves!  So this has rekindled my love for rowing!  The only thing I am not happy about, is the times they had group classes, I can't make it.  I am gonna see if they will implement a Saturday class!

So the eats:

     Fuji Apple

Lunch..a concoction of my mind!     For some odd reason, tomatoes & cucumbers had been on my brain.  My mind conjusred up dicing the two items together with some lemon juice, salt & pepper.  So my friends that is what I did.  Let me tell was the shiznit!
     1/4 of a cucumber
     1 whole tomato
      juice of 1/2 lemon
      salt & black pepper
Dinner: Skipped busy doing dinner & being domestic.  Didn't even think about eating.
     Streetrider (not sure of total minutes on it, I certainly did not stay on the bike for an hour)
     Indoor Rowing - 30 minures

Night Night.


Linga said...

that bike thingy seems like quite a work out! keep at it Kyra!

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