Friday, July 15, 2011

Totally Tired Thursday...

Howdy gang!  I don't know where the day went yesterday.  But I conked out before I could even post anything.  I was a little bad yesterday.  I veered off of my eating only organic & natural foods thing.  A new caterer in town decided to bring to the office a sample lunch so we could test out the menu.  I went overboard and paid for it dearly.  I was so sick, I had diarrhea, and It just was sick from about 1:30pm until I went to bed.  After being purged during the last 30+ days from processed foods, my system did not take well to what I ate at lunch.

     Cup of Yogi Berry Detox
     5 Strawberries

     Pasta Salad
     Orza Pasta
     Grilled Halibut w/ some kind of tapenade on it (it was delicious)
     Grilled Eggplant, Grilled Zuchini, Grilled Squash

Dinner:  Too sick to eat

No workouts today!  I just could not do it.  Will make up for it today and over the weekend.  Talk to you guys later.



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