Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thursday Hodge Podge

Today...another day from Hell.  I need to make a job change.  I think its time.  I don't know how much of this I can handle.  It is hard to stay motivated and excited about work when you have no interest in it.  I openly admit that I have a bad attitude when I am at work, but I really dislike work!  I really do.  As I was driving to work I was already formulating which temp agencies I was going to contact and send my resume to.  And when I got in the office what was the first thing I did?  Did some job searches!  And what did I find?  A Treasury Analyst position, it looks pretty reasonable and it looks like its something I could do.  SO I spent some time updating my resume.  Sent it out to a few people for revisions and pointers.  So tonight Robert Half Finance & accounting received my resume for hte position.  I pray that a door opens here, but none the less, its in God's hands.  He sees my frustrations and he knows my heart.  I am really ready for a change.

Okay made it to spin class tonight.  First time for the week.  This time I went to the gym in Hawthorne. I had 2 things going against me.  I wore new tennis shoes that I recieved today...and darn they were so fricking uncomfortable!  I won't do that again!  And the teacher I was expecting to teach was not teaching.  Instead of getting Dee for the class, it was Jeanette, and I dont like her as an instructor.  She never got on a bike.  She walked the room and dance to the music the whole hour.  That really irritates me when instructors do that.  Well at least its done and over with and I got to cycle away my work frustrations.

So to the boring stuff....

     I bought a cup coffee from Coffee Bean and I barely drank it, but it was breakfast

Mid AM snack
     2 hard boiled eggs

     Cobb Salad
     * I give myself kudos here, cause when I eat Cobb Salad I love to have blue cheese dressing.  But today i stayed away from the Blue Cheese and just squeezed lemon juice as my dressing!  This is a big change for me!

   Well its just after 8pm and I am really not even hungry.  So I think I may pass on the dinner!

    1 hour Spin Class
    30 minutes personal trainer

Tata its time to focus on the So you think you can dance Result show!


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