Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Walking Wednesday

Howdy!  I could not think of anything snazzy to label today, so today is Walking Wednesday. Nothing exciting to report today.  I did try a new breakfast concoction today, you will see it below.  It was pretty tasty.  Have a great afternoon walk and a great training session! 

   1 blended cup of Yogi Berry Detox & Tradional Medicanals Everyday Detox

Mid AM Snack
     Kyra Clarke Creation, that I'm calling: Tomato Egg Salad
     2 hard boiled Eggs
     1/2 Roma Tomato (or whichever kind of tomato you prefer)

    1. Cube the tomato and add to a bowl
    2. Cut boiled eggs in half and add to bowl
    3. With a fork or knife mash & combine the times, lightly.
    4.  Sprinkle salt & pepper to taste.  Eat & Enjoy.

Here was my finished product:

     Salad with Chicken (lemon juice for dressing)

     Chicken & a tomato!  I eat the wierdesst stuff sometimes! 

     1 hour walk @ Kenneth Hahn Park (4 laps)
     30 minute cardio/weight training with Personal Trainer


Linga said...

Oh when did you start taking pictures of your food? I like!

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