Monday, July 25, 2011 retrospect :0)

In retrospect!  I love it!  That is my fancy classy way of saying I forgot to blog yesterday.  Sunday in Retrospect! 

Well the day started off great and then took a nose dive!  So here we go!

AM Workout
     1 hour spin class in Torrance
     *Like this instructor she is tough!  She had us do a 9 minute hill ride!  Can you say OUCH!!!
      I feel it in my legs this morning! 

     Umm...I can't remember what I ate! :0)  This what happens when things are done in retrospect!

     8 Lemon Pepper Wings (from Wingstop...of course)
     Side of Salad

    Yes Nachos!  I bet you didn't see that one coming! Neither did I!  I shocked even myself with that!  

So that was the day, no afternoon workouts or anything.


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