Friday, July 8, 2011

Sporting New Summer Dress

Well I made this dress purchase online last year from this plus size store in England.  Yes England!  I thought it was a cute dress and the price was very cheap, the only downside was waiting for shipping!  It took like a month.  But anywho, when I got hte dress, it didn't fit, it was too tight.  So today, my friends, I pulled out the dress and put it on.    So I ran into the bathroom at work so I can get a full length shot of the dress.  I like it, I know its awfully bold of me to wear horizontal zig zag stripes across my hips, but I don't care!  I like the dress and I will wear it.  Of course I think it would be so much cuter if my hips were smaller, and gosh darn it, one day they will be!

So if you have the patience to wait a month for delivery, Your Clothing in England has some cute stuff, and they are very reasonably priced.  Plus this way you will be wearing stuff that no one else will have here in the states!  :0)    Check them out...


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