Tuesday, July 5, 2011

It's just another Manic Monday...

It's funny that I went to look this up on You Tube..cause I always sing the hook, Its just another Manic Monday...but didn't remember anything else of the song.  Anywho..it's a classic and worth posting to the blog.  Well today was definately a day.  At this very very second...I am not happy.  I am hurt, disappionted, in tears.  Sigh.  Anger is slowly creeping in, but I hurt.  It sucks to hope and trust  in something, well actually someone, and then be disappionted and be let down.  With no reason, no explanation, and its likely the person doesn't even care, doesn't even know they hurt you. 

These are times I guess I can gain better understanding on why the bible don't put your trust in man!  In man there will always be disappiontments and let downs.  I know we are all human, and we all fall short.  But my heart can only take so much hurt and I can only take so many disappiontments.  What does one do?  So I sit here typing, crying, wondering why.  Why?  Why Why?

     Black coffee
     Left over greens

     Left over ribs from Lucille's
     Left over biscuit from Lucille's


No workouts today.


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