Saturday, July 23, 2011

Order to Confusion...

Yo Yo Yo.  What it do?  Well over all today was a great day!  I started the morning off with a very ambitious neighborood walk.  I don't live far from Fox Hills Mall and today, I made that my goal.  To walk to Fox Hill & back!  And by George I did It!  Total trip was just under 5 miles!  It was great starting off the day with a sense of accomplishment.

Second task of hte day, church meeting.  We are moving into a new building, so we got together to check the place out.  It is a nice little place we have a room for church and a room for kids church.  So we will spend the next couple of weekends cleaning up and setting up the place so we can start having church there the beginning of August.

Next task of hte day...buying book cases.  Well my 2nd bedroom has been well, it turned into the junk room.  Everything that I didn't know what to do with ended up in the 2nd bedroom, and I also still have my books, CDS and DVDs in boxes in there.  So today, I decided to take advantage of the wonderful sale at target and purchased 2 bookcases from Target.  They were on sale for $15!  So I am happy to report the shelves are together, books, cds and DVD have been unboxed!  So much progress has already been made in that room.  I have such big dream for my new office space.  I am happy I took the time to get that stuff organized in there.  So I am pretty darn tired right now.

Just laying back, and just watched an episode of NCIS and Law & Order SVU just started @ 10pm.  It has been a while since I watched SVU. 

Well here is the eats for the day:

     Chicken & Cucumber

    Salad w/ the broccoli slaw

     Sliced tomato & the gaucamole salsa from El Polo Loco
     * i must say that salsa is really good and tasted excellent on my tomato!

     AM Neighborhood Walk...4.8 miles.



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