Friday, July 8, 2011

Tried new App on my Iphone! I likey! was a struggle.  The day was going by oh so slowly at work.  It was really really painful!  But I was happy when the day was over.  Well I was iffy about my dress, but I got many compliments at work about it.  Many people said they liked it, so it made me less self conscious about wearing it.  I think I want a different shrug to wear with it.   So here is how the day went:

     French Vanilla Coffee

Mid Am Snack
     1/2 Grapefruit

     Spinach & Chicken

     Broccoli & Chicken

Product Recommendation:  Endomondo
So now to my new toy!  My brother sent me a while ago an app called Endomondo.   It tracks workouts and has a built in GPS so it tracks miles.  So I downloaded it today, and signed up, oh it's free by the way.  So I gave it a try at Kenneth Hahn Park Today.  It worked but not completely.  For some odd stopped tracking my walk.  I was kinda disappionted, but based on what I have seen of hte app I love it!  I think the problem is that when I am up at the Ken Han Park I lose signal cause I am up in the mountains.  But I will definately try it again!  THe app not only tracks walking/jogging, It has many activities on it.  I saw spinning, rowing, skiing, etc, so it is very functional.  I recommend it!

     45 minutes walk @ Kenneth Hahn Park
    Workout tracking from Endomondo here

Now tomorrow shall be a day of fun filled activities.  I am trying the StreetStrider Bikes @ Venice Beach & I found a place here in L.A. that does indoor rowing.  So I am going to the intro class tomorrow!  So excited!


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