Sunday, August 7, 2011

15 SScariest Food more Orbit gum for me!

Just catching up on my emails I have not read over the last few days.  This was one of the emails, provided by Eat this, Not That.  The article is about food additives.  Something has become my personal soapbox!  

At this point I am no longer surprised when I read this stuff, but why do companies feel its okay to put certain things in our food?  The article mentions Azodicarbonamide, it is frequently used in production of foam plastic?  Where is the logic in it being used in Bagels & burger buns?  Bagel...Foam, I don't seem any similarities that would cause that chemical to be used in both products.

Well I won't sit here and list out all of my concerns with this article..but it leaves much room for speculation on what we are eating.  So no more Orbit gum for me, and I will definately be more careful about my bagel eating and if I ever eat a humburger bun! 

Check out hte article here:  15 Scariest Food Additives...SMH


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