Saturday, August 13, 2011

Stayed Busy Saturday...

How I had a full day today!  Overall a good day...not the best eating day though. 

Breakfast:     2 hard boiled eggs

AM Workout:     1 hour Rowing @ iRow Fitness Based on my computer reading I rowed 6138 meters or approx 3.8 miles.  It was a tough class, but I liked it!
Workout Screen
Rowing Machines

After Workout Snack:  Druids Detox from Leaf Organics.
I went to my first Vegan Cafe today.  I did not eat there, but I got a detox drink from them, that was rather tasty.  I don't feel like I've detoxed though, it just made me really gassy.  I may need to drink 2, or maybe eat healthier on the day I drink it.  The Druid Detox consisted of Burdock Root, Lemon, Apple, Ginger, Agave and cayenne.  Good drink, easy to go down.  Check out the website something may interest you:
Druid Detox Drink

Lunch & Junk:  Chicken from Hawaiin Cafe, Pepperoni Pretzel, Frozen Lemonade

Dinner:     Medium cup of vanilla ice cream!

All I can do is shake my head as I just typed ice cream!  What was I thinking! 

I also made my weekly Sprouts Farmers Market run, stocked up on my spinach, kale, cucumbers, tomatoes, and I picked up a bottle of Walden Farms Dressing.  I can't wait to try it, since it has no calories, fat or sugars in it.  I just hope it taste good.  Stay tuned cause ones I get to taste it, I will have a full review! 
Some of the pretty produce @ Sprouts

That's all I got for ya folks!


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