Thursday, August 11, 2011

Still on the Emotional Rollercoaster.....

Howdy...still very emotional today.  Got myself into a little emotional pity party and started eating junk!  I am doing better one burden has been lifted aka given an extension until October.  What a relief.  I kept running through and through in my mind how did I get myself into such a financial bind.  Today the thoughts of I give to people, I do for people, why doesn't anyone do for me?  Why is it when I am struggling and in need there is no one to help me?  I know its not good to think that much less feel that way, but I do.  Sigh...all I can do is continue to patiently wait for a financial breakthrough.  I have prayed and asked and asked and prayed, begged and pleaded and some days down right grovel for my money situation to get better.  I believe it will, but for now this is the hand that I have been dealt and I must play my best hand.  Ya feel me?

    2 hard boiled eggs
    1 portabello Mushroom cap (grilled in toaster oven @ work)

     Salad:  Lettuce, spinach, tomato, cucumbers, dill weed
     Lemon juice & hot sauce for the dressing

Mid Afternoon Snack aka "Emotional Eating"
     2 (yes 2) Snicker bars

Dinner Now that regret for the snickers settled in:
     Cup of Yogi Detox Tea

Workouts (notice that's plural)
     1.  Spin Class in Hawthorne w/ Cindy *new instructor*
     2.  30 mins with Jenny Personal Trainer


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