Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mushrooms: Nature's HIdden Secret

Hey Gang!
I'm here eating breakfast..eggs & mushrooms, and thought to myself, Self, I love mushrooms, but I don't know much about them or there nutrition.  So unto google I went!

I believe I have found a hidde gem on the internet!  I found a website called
I have browsed the site now for about 15 minutes and believe me, there is some valuable information on it about mushrooms!  There are receipes, nutrition information, a blog, etc!  I love it as much as I love eating mushrooms! 

One thing I learned about mushrooms, reading the site, is that Mushrooms have vitamin D in it!  Maybe I am just stupid, but I was always told the only way to get vitamin D was by getting sun!  Has anyone else heard and believed that? 

I found out enough about mushrooms, that it will now become in a weekly staple in my grocery shopping, and to the loving folks at, you are being added to my favorite links on this blog!  I love your site! 

P.S  for a quick recap on the reasons to love & eat mushrooms, check this out:  Top Reasons to Celebrate Mushrooms Every Day, Every Way


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