Monday, August 15, 2011

Time to Tame the Beast!

Wow!  I was fightinig some pretty serious hunger pains today.  2 days of "off the plan" eatting it just woke back up those "eating demons"!  Yes I said eating demon!  LOL and almost in tears, I'm laughing so hard!  At about 10am this morning, I took notice of how my appetite and eating demons were trying to lead me down the broad path of destruction!  I made up my mind at the point, gotta bring everything back into subjection and Tame the Wild Beast that is Me!

     Cup of Coffee

Lunch (By this time, the Beast was famished!)
     A pretty big, yet quick salad since I did no food prep over the weekend
     Lettuce, 1 tomato diced, salmon purchased from Cuvee.
     Walden Farms Italian Dressing
     Slice of rye bread

salad w/ Salmon

     3 pieces of chicken from El Pollo Loco

Workout:  Does house work count?
I tried the Walden Farms, no calorie, no fat dressing today.  It honestly is not bad.  I will keep using it as the week progresses, and give a full report over the weekend.


Rachellabelle - My Hips Don't Lie said...

Wow, I see we all have wonderful descriptions for our appetites. Yours is a demon, mine is a pitbull on crack and another blogger describes hers as a vampire! Sounds like we have our work cut out for us. Thankfully we were all awesome appetite slayers and stuck to the plans. Let's hope we can all be big losers this week!

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