Saturday, August 6, 2011

Fantastic Friday....

Recap of Friday August 6th.

Wow!  Woke up this morning...and by woke up, I mean I opened my eyes and laid in the bed and reached to the right of me to turn off the alarm and wowzilla...ABS are sore, Arms are sore...Legs are sore!  I guess I had a nice full body workout yesterday!  It was not a bad soreness, but I can feel that some muscles got worked.  My arms are probably the ones that hurt the most.  My upper body is very very very weak. 

     2 hard boiled eggs
     Cup of black coffee w/ french vanilla creamer

 Salad (lettuce, spinach, cucumbers, carrots) w/ a nice piece of Salmon. With my hot sauce/Apple cider VInger/lemon juice as dressing.  The Salmon was pretty to look @ and it was delish going down...My compliments to the chef @ Cuvee!

     30 minute Boxing routinge w/ Personal Trainer
      I was able to record part of the workout, need to do some editing.

Dinner (Dinner @ Stinking Rose in Beverly Hills)
     House Salad with Chicken Lemon Juice for salad
    2 rolls
    An excessive amount of garlic!


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