Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Product Review: Walden Farms Italian Dressing

Have you heard the Buzz yet?  The Buzz about the Zero Calories, Fat, Carbs, Gluten or Sugars of any kind salad dressing?  Well believe it or not there is such a thing.  Its made by a company called Walden Farms.  I have tried the dressing now over the last 2 weeks so its time for my review.  My personal trainer Jenny Rockets informed me of this great product.

A tidbit on the Company:  The company makes various, Zero Cal, Fat, Carb & Sugar products, but I think people know them mostly for the salad dressings.  Here is a link to the company website:  Waldens Farm Website

So the product I tried is the Walden Farms Italian Dressing
  • Taste  In all honesty, its bland.  Doesn't taste like anything. So each person will have to decide for themself whether or not they stick with it. Before my switch to all things Organic, I was a Wishbone Italian Dressing Girl, and if you have tried it, Wishbone Italian had some flavor and a nice punch to it.  My Recommended Flavor Kick Ups:  Lemon Juice & Fresh Dill Weed.  Try some dried or fresh herbs
  • Price:  So far I find the price on the Walden Farms website is high.  I was able to find the dressing in my Local Sprouts Famer's Market store for $3.65 or something like that
  • Texture/Consistency  The texture of the dressing is good.  It has the same consistency of regular dressing
  • Aftertaste?  I honestly, didn't taste any aftertastes.
  • Would I buy it again?  Absolutely, when I finish my current bottle, I do want to try the Zesty Italian.  Maybe that one will be more flavorful.
I do recommend the product for all those trying to cut back on calories, just be prepared to add something to it if you want some flavor .  I honestly don't know if the product is organic, but I am okay with it not being certified organic.  The ingredient list seems pretty basic, but I have to do some further research. 

Hope this helps you!  If you have any other questions, feel free to make a comment or email me directly


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