Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Regrets...YoshiNOya Restaurant

Some days you have to sit and take inventory of the things you say and see if they match up with what you do.  I did that tonight..and I am missing the mark.  Yesterday I said I was gonna go hard this week in an attempt to lose 4 pounds by next Monday.  Where have I missed the mark?  Let's see, I did not work out on Monday and then today made some bad food choices and did not go to Spin Classs. This is the 2nd day into a new week so let me correct myself now and do better for the remainder of the week, 4 lbs must exit from me by the 15th.

Today was not a good eat day...

Egg, cheese, & bacon burrito
Now you may be thinking what's wrong with that?  I carefully observed the prep method of this burrito, and the cook put so much cheese on the burrito.  If I had to estimate, it was maybe about 1/4 cup of shredded cheese!  The other thing that disturbed me, is that they deep fried the bacon!  I was completely stumped, when I saw bacon coming out of the deep fryer and being added to the top of my burrito!  Oye!   This is a good reminder to me:  How things are prepared is just as important as what I eat.  Food cooking methods add addional and unnecessary calories, fat, sugar, salt, and every thing else. 

Yoshinoya chicken plate 
A co-worker of mine, so politely invited to take me out to lunch to Yoshinoya.  I have never been there so I was like okay, I will give it a try.  When we walked out of the restaurant and had the food in the car, I began to smell a strange aroma coming from the food.  It really did not smell right. Now to the normal uninformed eater, one would think, chicken, veggies & rice is a pretty okay meal.  I breifly felt that way until I got back to the office and opened the food. 

The veggies is covered in some kind of sauce like substance.  I can't even tell what it is.  It did not taste like butter, but it had an oily consistency that was horrible!  The chicken had a wierd taste.  I could not put my finger on it.  I was completely disappionted.  I went ahead and ate the veggies while shaking off as much of that sauce as I could and ate the chicken.  Rice was left on touched. 

Yoshinoya Plate *before*
Yoshinoya Plate *after*

For information purposes I went on the Yoshinoya website to find nutritional information of the Large Chicken Bowl.  This is not the full nutritional info, just the things that disturbed me the most!

Calories:  980
Calories from fat:  160
Fat:  18
Sodium:  2440
Total Carbohydrates:  155
Protein:  50g (I question that cause there was not alot of chicken on the plate and can't figure out what else would have protein in it)

Needless to say...YoshiNOya..is a big NO NO for me.  I will not be eating there again.

Mid Afternoon Snack

     Salad (lettuce, spinach, carrots, red cabbage)
     Dressing:  apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, dash of dill

Evening Workout
     30 minutes with trainer (I would list out all the excercises, but I have no idea what they are called).  Oh, I tried the jump rope again tonight.  the list time I did it.  I could only do 2 jumps.  I think I got about 8 jumps in tonight!  Yeah me!


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