Thursday, August 25, 2011

Food Cravings are starting to subside

The food cravings are getting better today, which is surprising since my little monthly visitor has decided to visit.  I made a point today to get back on my water drinking routine.  So maybe that helped with the hunger and temptations.  I also noticed I am retaining water and bloating.  I am puffy in my legs and in my wrists.  Today I drank close to 100 ounces of water, but I think I need more.  Gonna have to do better tomorrow and throughout the weekend. 

     3 scrambled eggs w/ spinach & cheese
     cup of white chocolate latte

Mid Am Snack
     1/2 cup of Nancy's Low Fat cottage cheese

     Roast Beef Sandwich
     spear of dill pickle

     3 pieces of chicken
     1/2 cucumber

     30 min personal training with Jen
     I didn't go to spin class tonight.  :0( But I'll be there on Sunday, I promise. 

So that my friends is the end of my day.  All I am going to do for the night is finish doing the dishes,   Make a cup of tea and take 2 pain killers and hit the sack.  I'm thinking I wanna get up earlier tomorrow and hit the gym since  I had to reschedule my Friday workout with Jen.  I will be w/o my beloved car tomorrow, it must be serviced.  Every warning light you can think of is on!  I am really hoping for the best cause I can only fix one thing at a time.  Gonna try to remain positive and hopeful.


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