Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Kyra Kooking Kale

Hi Hi...I already had quite an adventure this morning!  On Friday, my appointed nutritional expert Alain, said I needed to add more variety in my vegetable eatings.  He suggested Kale and some other stuff, but Kale is the one thing I decided to try.  Saturday I picked up one bunch of Kale from Sprouts and this morning I attempted to make a Kale salad that was given to me by my co-worker Mayra.

Her instructions were to cut the kale really thinly.  She also said I could blanche the kale to help soften in, but it was optional.  She recommended me adding lemon juice, vinegar and olive oil to the Kale, adding cheese (preferably Feta), tomatoes and cucumbers!  I was pretty amazed, because that is pretty much what I would put in my plain old green salad. 

So here I was at 4am trying to cut Kale so I can pack my lunch to take to work.  I have never been this excited to eat lunch before I can't wait!


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