Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Back on the rollercoaster of emotions!!

These are the days that I really struggle with.  One thing I learned about myself many years ago is that I am an emotional eater.  Today my heart just dropped to the floor and in came feelings of worry, panic and anxiety.  And quickly after that came the desire to eat!  Last week I thought I was struggling financially but this week takes the cake.  I got paid this past Friday the 12th.  Today I looked at my account, guess what my balance is?  56 cents!  56 cents!  Yes cents! Not dollars!  Bills not paid, family coming into town on Thursday and I have 56 cents!  I cry, I cry, I cry!  My heart hurts, stuff like this just really hurts me.  Before I continue to cry and can't see to keep blogging, here is the day:

     2 hard boiled eggs
     Portobello Mushroom Cap
     Cup of Coffee

Lunch (the meal I waited for all day)
     My very first Kale Salad!  Oh guys It was awesome!  I loved it!
     Kale, tomatoes, cucumbers, chicken.  Olive Oil, & Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar.  That was it! I do think some Feta cheese or bleu cheese crumbles would be delightful in this!

My First Kale Salad! Yum!

Mid Afternoon Snack
     An overexcessive amount of Pico de Gallo.  One of my favorite ways to eat tomatoes is in Pico de Gallo.  Today the Brokers order Baja Fresh, and one of my beloved co-workers that knows my love for Pico de Gallo, brought me over the left over pico de gallo from lunch!  I could not resist!  I ate all that she brought me!

Mid Afternoon Snack Part 2
     Chips & Salsa; Tempted and totally gave in.  Went into the breakroom at work and the left over chips & salsa was sitting there.  I partook in the evil chips & salsa

So I get home, and what was the first thing I do?  Head for the fridge! 

Early evening Snack
    1 piece of Chicken
    mozarella cheese

At this point I had to get out of the house or else I would have eaten myself right into a comatose state!  Ya know, the times you eat so much you just fall asleep and wake up the next morning.  Have you done that?  So off I went to the laundromat with what felt like 100 pounds of clothes!  5 loads washed, dried, folded...but not yet put away! 

    30 minutes with Personal Trainer

Evening Winding down refreshment
     Cup of Yogi Berry Detox Tea
Oh I forgot to tell ya about my happy moment of the day!  I have not been blogging long, but for the most part my only consistent reader has been my dear and near friend Linga!  Shout to to the Eteaki's in Arizona!  Well to date she has been the only person to ever leave comments on my blog!  Guess what happened today?  I got my first blog comment from someone that was not Linga!  I was so happy, shocked and surprised!  I was beginning to think no one was interested in my materials.  That did really make me smile on the inside today.  So Linga thank you for sticking with me during this process and to the blogger that left my message...I thank you as well!  Dueces!



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Sounds yummy. Keep up the good work.

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