Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Trying not to Lash out Tuesday....

I have been working on a KYC at work now for 2 weeks!  I am so frustrated, I am about to start cussing!  I really am!  It is taking all of me keep my temper & anger under raps!  I wanted to scream, cry, kill, walk off the job...all those things!  I can't imagine why things have to be so complicated!  Sigh.  It is the DB way, you would think I would have settled into the idea of confusion & chaos, but I have not.  I don't do confusion or utter stupidity very well.

Well I woke up this morning and grabbed a pair of black slacks from the closet and much to my surprise, they went on right away with out me having to do the "get my pants to fit dance"  They slipped right on up!  I guess there has been some inches lost on the hips these last few weeks!  I think I am gonna get a few things from my clothes and put them on so you can see the tightness & the inability for me to pull them up, so that when they do fit...I can have record of it.  Hmm..I think I will!

     Cup of Yogi Detox Tea

Mid AM Snack

     Salad (lettuce, spinach, carrots, chicken, cucumbers, lemon juice for dressing)
     1 hard boiled egg

Dinner ( I completely ate too much)
     3 pieces of chicken
     3 tortillas

    30 minutes with Trainer.  Tonights workout was tough!  Oh Weee!
    30 minute treadmill (hill Training)
          Started at 2% incline worked my way up to 9% incline
          385 calories burned


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