Monday, August 8, 2011

Dill: My Salad's best friend

Howdy folks!  I am still feeling a little drained today.  Not sure what is going on with me.  But my energy level is low.  Modest weight lost this morning on the scale, but I am grateful for all loses. I was most excited that I have now fit back into another pair of pants that I have not worn in ages!  Progress is here!  So very happy, so very gratefully.  I am gonna try to go as hard as I can this week.  I am 4 pounds away from losing a total of 40 pounds.  Also next weekend my family will be here, so I know my schedule and availablity to excercise will be limited.

So here is today..nothing exciting to report, but in the spirit of keeping myself are the eats & activities for the day.

     French Vanilla Coffee

Mid AM snack (more like a tempation)
     2 brownies
     someone in the office brought them in! 

     Salad (lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers, $ Dill)
     Dressing:  apple cider vinegar, lemon juice
     My friends believe me when I tell you that adding dill on top of the salad was very very tasty!  It was awesome!  It was so good, I was tempted to make me a 2nd bowl of salad, but I refrained!

     Baked Chicken


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